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FOA Show n Shine 2013 – Saturday Nov 30th

Held once again at the delightful home of FOA, The Electron Workshop, this years installment will involve more fine examples of beautiful bikes to get your mind churning over the endless possibilities for your next build. This year we even have a LIQUOR LICENCE, so…

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BO Gear manufacture hard wearing outdoor gear from their little design studio in Brisbane, Australia. Their gear is available online 24/7, or through a select group of stockists. We believe in hard wearing gear, local communities, and the environment. But above all, we are here to…

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fixed gear australia 2012 show and shine

On December 1st, 2012, and a raft of great sponsors held a bicycle show & shine inside the Electron Workshop, a 285sqm warehouse in North Melbourne. Each judge (Blakey, Dead Legs, ko) picked our top five in each category and gave 5/4/3/2/1 points to…

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