fixed gear australia 2012 show and shine

On December 1st, 2012, and a raft of great sponsors held a bicycle show & shine inside the Electron Workshop, a 285sqm warehouse in North Melbourne.

Each judge (Blakey, Dead Legs, ko) picked our top five in each category and gave 5/4/3/2/1 points to each and tallied the totals. I recused myself from voting in Step Through and Beardo as I had built bikes in both of those categories. The judges personal bikes were ineligible for prizes. Maximum score is thus 15pts, or 10pts in Step Through / Beardo.


Sir Kev’s restored Cinelli 15pts
SL’s crazypanto Somec 8pts


Incomplete Streets’ “Zeus” 10pts
??’s Graecross 8pts


JKLP’s Roberts 9pts
??’s Risi 8pts

Street Fixed

Pin.20’s Record with amazing triple harlequin bartape 13pts
Tha Jams’ fluoro Hoffy 11pts


Val’s red Raleigh 14pts
??’s Dawes CXmuter 9pts


Prudence’s Holdsworth mixte 10pts
Incomplete Streets’ Claud Butler mixte 8pts

People’s choice

Sir Kev’s Cinelli with 10 votes
Blakey’s Concorde with 8 votes


Proudly supported by: Electron Workshop, Saint Cloud, Crumpler, Commuter Cycles, BOgear, Treadlie, Kumo Cycles, Creux, Neverstop Pedalling, Genovese, Rolly, Skin Grows Back, Pony Bikes, Velocycles, Beaufort Bar, DaFrog Caps, Cycling Victoria, Knog, Merry Cupcakes & The Little Mule