sir madam – wallets, bags and accessories

We create fun, funky and functional leather wallets, bags and accessories. All our products are brightly coloured, well designed and beautifully finished. Each piece is made hand by a skilled crafts person with years of experience. We source our materials from small businesses committed to fair trade and social enterprise business models. When you purchase one of our products you can be confident that the person who made that stylish bag or wallet was paid a good wage.

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What is fair trade?
Fairtrade is pretty much what it sounds like. Its about being fair, and its about doing trade – you know, goods for money, that kind of thing. There’s been trading going on for nearly as long as there have been humans, but sadly a lot of it hasn’t been that fair. Not being fair has lead to problems that Sir Madam finds pretty hard to ignore. Problems like growing inequality between communities that have plenty of resources and power and those that don’t. Problems like environmental damage, when poorer countries and communities are forced into acting against their long term interests just to get by. So Sir Madam is taking action – and at the same time getting some awesomely stylish gear for you to avail yourself of dear shopper. When you purchase your beautifully designed and well crafted Sir Madam products you can be confident that the person who made that stylish bag or garment was paid a good price. A price that will provide them with a good living. A price that will allow them to continue working in ways that won’t wreck havoc on their environment. A price that will enable them to invest in their communities and their businesses. We think that’s fair.